Thursday, November 20, 2008

gearing up for holidays?

The treats are already around. They are sneaking up at work, at home (that big Halloween basket), and in the stores (Starbucks is shameless). So what should we do to not go totally out of control? Most people gain 6 pounds over the holiday. Do we want to work on that for the new year, to add to our already overwhelming goals? Of course not.
Allow yourself a treat at work once a week. You know, your best friend's birthday or it's your very favorite kind of cake. But leave it at that and enjoy what you get.
At home, GET RID OF IT. Give it away, and keep it out of the house. If it's not good enough for you, do you want to put it in your child's body, too? He's had enough Halloween, now be done.
Out and about: never go out hungry! Eat first, and eat sensibly. If you do decide to stop by Starbucks or any of the wonderful shops that are so enticing, always think "skim," "low sugar," "light," etc. You CAN request these things, and it is your right. For a special treat, a soy hot cocoa has the goodness of soy protein and flavenoids from the cocoa. Leave off the whipped cream, of course, and get a "tall" (ie. small). The lattes of the season are also available in skim or soy and are a better option than the big mocha drinks.
Wanting a little peppermint chocolate? Try a peppermint patty (about 100 calories), a mint 3 musketeers (about 150 calories), or the new 100 calorie york peppermint sticks. They taste like thin mints (and we LOVE those, yes?).
Ideas are welcome. Let me know what works for you this time of year.
Up next: The Thanksgiving dieters' nightmare!