Sunday, October 9, 2011

Diastasis Recti Part 4: well over a year out of surgery

I got surgery on diastasis recti with an umbilical hernia on June 22, 2010. It is now October 9, 2011, and I am still feeling the remnants of recovery. The good news is that I am in great shape compared to other people my age, and I am able to live my life as I want. I have no restrictions. I was finally released by my doctor a couple of weeks ago, if you can believe it. But if I compare me to me, I still have my difficulties. For instance, my strong suit was my core. I was a Pilates instructor and enthusiast before it all went haywire with diastasis. Knowing what I know makes a difference in my recovery because, I believe, a nonprofessional would be ok with poor form in trying to get back in to Pilates and other core work. I am very particular with my form, and I know that one improper exercise can send my practice backward. I can finally do about half of the original Pilates series modified. I can do roll ups with weighted assitance, and I have to watch my repetitions to make sure my abdominal wall stays contracted inward. I am finally able to do twisted movement and to extend my spine upward, but I can not bend backward still. I question if a back bend will ever be possible post surgery. I feel very strong and capable otherwise. I hold to my statement that I am grateful for the opportunity to have the surgery, and that I am glad I did it. I would recommend it only to people who have an irreversible situation like mine. I recommend physical therapy from a post natal professional before looking at surgery, and even after surgery.