Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sodas and Kidney Disease

This morning, there is a research article in Parade Magazine linking sodas or soft drinks to kidney disease. People who have 2 cans per day are twice as likely to develop kidney disease. Another reason to switch to something natural!

Peanut allergies and schools

This morning's news was about doctors being angry for schools going peanut free. They say children should be exposed to peanuts in order to not become allergic.
What an ignorant stand on the part of the doctor. A child that has a peanut allergy cannot be in the viscinity of a peanut without swelling up. This is a fatal allergy! A child could be standing in the lunch line, not picking up the peanut butter sandwich, but picking up what is next to the peanut butter, and then suddenly not be able to breathe.
Yes, non allergy sufferers should be around peanuts. They are a great source of inexpensive protein, too. So, the rest of us should enjoy peanuts and peanut butter AT HOME.

Toxic Fried Potatoes

A new study posted this week that potatoes release a toxic chemical when fried. It is causing cancer in lab rats. What's my point? French fries and potato chips really are evil. It's time to choose a different side order! Maybe this will put an end to the pointless sides in restaurants...once people finally catch on.