Friday, May 29, 2009

2 Weeks to Go and New Good News

Just wanted to note that I have just 2 weeks until the arrival of my new little one! I'm at that stage where I literally feel ready to pop. I can't eat much at a time, I have constant heartburn because my stomach is next to my neck, and everything I do is getting uncomfortable. BUT, with only 2 weeks, I shouldn't complain. Just do what I can, right?
Thought you might be interested in some new research I've read up on. All positive!
A new study relates caffeine conusmption to muscle pain relief! Isn't that good news, coffee folks? And it's a realistic amount, too, like 3 cups a day could reduce our exercise-related muscle soreness!
And now, for us musicians, the studies prove that music and music therapy relieve pain, calm anxiety, and ward off depression. Well, we knew that, didn't we?
All of this information is from the most recent studies reported at the American Council on Exercise (
Speaking of music, we all know that the right songs get us moving and help us calm down at the end of the exercise. Don't underestimate the power of strong music. Update your ipod! And if you haven't yet, try I tried it, and it did make my 50 minute cardio workout move along faster.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Closer!

On a personal note, I am getting closer to the big day of arrival of baby #2. With less than 4 weeks to go, a lot has changed. I've had a few problems with overheating and getting breathless suddenly. These things have never happened to me before, but this pregnancy is different. Apparantly, my body is having a hard time getting the blood through my abdomen and then all the way through my 5'8" body at times, causing lightheadedness. I carry completely in front of my body (which everyone thinks is so cute, but it looks a little freakish, to be honest), so I have awkward moments, and a few problems with side and back pain. But the biggest surprise is that my lungs and heart are having to work so hard, though my weight gain is just in that one area.
I look forward to meeting baby #2, I hope that she eventually will be named :) . And I am ready to move on as well. My next stage will be not only caring for an infant, but recovering from a caesarian and diastasis repair. I am ready to get on with that, though, because I know the good times are ahead.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let's Do It, Texas!

Following the lead of New York and California, the Texas House passed a bill outlawing trans fats in all restaurants. Now, it just has to pass the Senate. As always, there are nay-sayers, like the Amarillo Senator who was quoted in the paper making wise cracks about the bill. But if we have enough thinking Senators, we can help the health of all people in Texas, and maybe this can finally spread nation-wide.
If you are in Texas, please make sure to look up and contact your state senator to vote for the banning of trans fats.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New posting

I have 2 new sites that I am now posting to . I have posted one on How To Power Walk . I haven't posted yet, as I just joined, but this site is all about women's health, so it should be fun for me. Hope you enjoy what you find there!

Nervous in Texas!

Geez, we don't have enough to worry about these days. They say a person can handle 5 stressors at once before they start to show signs of serious stress disorders. Well, hope you don't live in Texas right now.
First, we have wars and destruction to worry about. Then, there is the economic collapse, which, yes, is affecting Texas. In my area, people are waiting with baited breath for the next "wave" of layoffs at the local plastic plant. Even teacher's aids are losing their jobs. And don't you DARE ask anyone for anything! You can forget a raise, paid vacation, or extra help in your department. If anything, you'll be doing the work of 3 people, and your pay will definitely NOT show that!
Now, we get to worry about a pandemic. And I know everyone is worried, but being so close to Mexico, I think, makes us a little more paranoid. We watch for school closings, and the second someone sneezes, we run to the bathroom to wash up or start spraying the area with Lysol. At least we're not in masks yet.
Let's add to the scenario. A few days ago, areas in Texas were bombarded with storms so bad that people were flooded out of their homes. Some roads are flooded four days later! Schools closed at first because buses couldn't move, but some are still closed for damage. And now that the water has sat around for a few days, well, we have a little mosquito problem. Meaning, you better run to the car or your house or you are mosquito bait. Now, let's add West Nile Virus to the mix. So, if we get sick, should we assume it's West Nile or Swine Flu? And which is a better scenario?
How many stressors have we counted now? Then there are the local school problems that I can't list online, oh, and it's TAKS week. Meaning, our kids are all locked up for a week taking stressful standardized tests. If we think WE'RE stressed, try worrying about all of this and being 12 years old!
How do we handle all this stress? Well, we try to go on about our days as normally as possible. And we try to eat healthy and exercise. Stressful situations can lead to stress eating or exercise issues. Let's keep things in perspective and keep ourselves healthy first. After all, we're no good to anyone with a lowered immunity. Take your vitamins, drink lots of healthy water, eat and move, and we can slowly reduce the number of stressors right now.
Let me know how you are handling your stress!