Thursday, December 29, 2011

In with the NEW! Post ONE

So, I am trying to move my blog somewhere friendlier, but in the mean time, I will start my series "Out with the Old, In with the NEW" over here on bloodspot.

I hope you are thinking of what is working in your life and what is not. To achieve wellness, we must start looking at mind, body, and spirit, so make sure to list your goals in each area and see their connection. Without one of the three, the others will not work in their best way. During this series, I will be talking about habits. Some of them are such a part of your life that you may not even see that they are habits. But we can nudge our habitual ways enough to lead a more clear and efficient life, and therefore a healthier one.

So, if you are starting to read through this, you think my first habit is going to be about physical exercise, right? Or what your are eating and when? Well, of course I am concerned with that, but we have to start from the top. Literally. We have to start with the way you are thinking, and more specifically, the way you are thinking about YOURSELF.

Let me first make sure you understand that I am NO psychologist! These realizations come from my beginning practices in yoga and meditation, which I highly recommend!

Your brain is full of thoughts. Constant thoughts. Thank God for that, right? God made such a miracle in you by creating your brilliant brain. But that same brain can sabotage your efforts. Your thoughts are so much more than just thoughts. Those thoughts become what you think of yourself. What you think of yourself becomes you. Remember that cheesy Saturday Night Live skit "I am good enough, I am smart enough, and Doggone it, people like me."? Well, it's ridiculous in the skit, but it isn't far from the truth. Most of our brains don't tell us those nice things. Most of our brains play tapes of past events, things others have told us, or thoughts we have conjured up through bad events in our lives. Somehow, those thoughts outweigh and overpower the kind thoughts.

So, your next assignment is to be conscious of these thoughts that creep in and how often they happen. Examples would be "You'll never achieve this," "you are not strong enough," "you have no will power," "you are not important enough to spend time and money on," or "you will always be this way." These are just thoughts, and they don't mean anything unless you let them. So, much like in meditation, when these thoughts occur, your assignment is to acknowledge that it happened, and then usher that thought away. There is no judgement because you had that thought. There are no repercussions for having that thought. Just acknowledge it and send it away. You can follow that thought with one that better represents you, such as "I am worth this effort," "I care about me," "I am not my past," or "I am definitely strong enough." One of these statements that works may become your mantra in these days, and as I heard someone say the other day, when you say something nice often enough, it becomes you. Wouldn't it be nice to become one of these thoughts rather than something angry and bitter from one of your old thoughts?

As you begin to clean out the system and usher the old thoughts goodbye, you may see some of them happening less often. Self doubt is normal, and it will come and go, but using this process will hopefully make them happen less often. Hopefully, by setting your brain up for success, you will then be ready to create new habits and usher out the habits that are not conducive to a new, healthier, brighter life.

I hate Blogger!

I need to find a new place to blog, apparently, because I can't embed anything on this site. Links disappear. Suggestions are welcome.
If you can do it the old fashioned way, type in to find my free fitness videos on youtube. Tell me what you think of the beginning workouts. There are LOTS of things coming. What would you like to see next?

I'll let you know when I can get a different site running my blog. This just isn't going to work for a multi-media blog site.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Out With The Old In With The New Series

In the next few days, especially in to 2012, I will be have this series running about ending old habits and beginning new ones. While I am thinking on the topic, start journaling your own feelings on it. What do you see yourself ending? What do you see yourself beginning? How would you like to start fresh and what would that mean?

Also, in the mean time, my youtube page is on its way. I will post it as soon as it is looking good!

Feel free, as always, to send me your comments and concerns.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beginner's Plyometric Workout

In plyometrics, you challenge muscles in explosive movement.
Note: only for moderately fit people with no back or joint issues :) And no pregos. If you do have a health ailment, make sure your doctor ok's any kind of explosive movement.

The easiest way to plyo the arms are through the arm movements outlined in my cardio kickboxing workout. An advanced exerciser can extend push ups to leap the hands from the ground and return.

Plyo legs are through jumping exercises.
1. Jumping squats
2. Jumping split-squats
3. Jumping plies

Do 4-8 reps of each exercise with a walking recovery in between sets. One way to work in plyos is to do three squats without jumps and then add a jump, and repeat the sequence 4-8 times. You can do the same with the other exercises.

Enjoy this new challenge!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 12: Where are you?

If you did cardio kickboxing on day 11, do your cardio speed bursts on day 12, and vice versa.

If you are doing cardio kickboxing, try last week's workout, or look on netflix for the 10 minute series on kickboxing. It's Keli Roberts, which of course gets my recommendation. Do the whole video,not just 10 minutes. Great workout.

If you are doing speed intervals, try to increase your full speed times to 25 or even 30 seconds of bursts every 5 minutes, but increase your recovery time to 45 seconds before going back to a moderate-comfortable pace. Try to do 5 or 6 blocks of intervals with recovery and moderate tempo in between.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 10

Look at my facebook page for video ideas for today. It is a core-yoga day.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 7: Rest and Reflect.
You absolutely must schedule in a rest day in any exercise plan. Without a rest day, the muscles cannot recover and rebuild. The brain needs rest as well. And your body needs to not start overproducing cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that works well when you are also producing adrenaline, that feel-good-go-get-em hormone. When it is out of whack, cortisol can cause the body to swell and make weight loss or body sculpting difficult to impossible.
On this day of reflection, you can take weight and measurements if you want to, or you can just reflect on how you are feeling and what is working.
Fell free to tell me how it's going for you and what you would like to see coming up.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 6: Primary Ashtanga Series

Take a yoga class or join yoga today on youtube or online at for a great, full body yoga workout.

Have a relaxed and calm day.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Soon To Come: My You Tube Exercise Channel

I am so sorry, my dear readers. It is so difficult to find a video that I would recommend for a good full workout. I am personally now making it my goal to do a channel in the new year that you can refer to any day at any time and find a comprehensive workout.

That being said, next is Day 5! Toning with kickboxing.

0-2:00: jump rope or pretend to jump rope

2:00-4:00: shuffle side to side with a pretend (or real) speed bag. Pretend you are holding ice picks and picking off the ice by your forehead.

4:00-5:00: Bob and weave. Protect your face with your fists. Squat down and raise up to the side, like you are ducking a punch. Alternate sides.

5:00-10:00: standing abdominals. Brace the abdominals, pull down with your hands as you pull up your knee. If it helps, hold a ball in your hand and bring it to your knee. Alternate sides to the front 15-20 times. Then, Bring your knee up to the side while your knee comes down to meet it. Do 15 per side. Finish the time with high knee jogs.

10:00-15:00: arm challenges
A. Jab (quick punch) with a shuffle, 50 per side
B. Punch (deep punch with force), alternating 50 times
C. Hook. Pretend to punch someone in the jaw at a close range to you. Your arm creates a hook shape. Alternate 50 times.
D. Upper cut. Get into a squat. Pretend to punch someone in the jaw, bring the fist up from your rib cage. Raise up slightly and return to the squat. Alternate. 50-100.
Remaining time, practice a combination of the above punches.

15:00-20:00: leg challenges
A. Front kick. Brace abdominals. Lean back slightly as you pretend to push a door open with your foot. Alternate. 25.
B. Side kick. Turn the left foot to face 45 degrees out from the body. Lift the right knee. As you lean left, push open an invisible door that is slightly behind you to the right with your foot. Bring the knee back in and return the foot to the floor. Repeat 15-20 times and switch legs.
C. Back kick. Lift the knee up and then push the foot to open an invisible door behind you while leaning forward. Bring the knee back in and down, switch sides. Alternate 15-20 times.
With the time left, use a combination or practice above leg moves.

20:00-25:00. Blocks.
A. Bob and block. Go back to the bob and weave. As you raise out of the squat, block with an outward sweep of the arm, bent at 90 degrees.
B. Low rear block. With a flat hand, extend your arm behind you, as if slicing a person in the lower abdomen, and quickly retract the arm to the block position. Alternate 15-20.
C. Mid rear block. Use your elblow to quickly push back in the rib cage area. Quickly return. Alternate 15-20.
D. Upper rear block. Put your right fist in your left hand. Push your right elbow behind you, as if blocking a punch to the head. Return quickly. Alternate 15-20.
With the time left, combine the above blocks.

25:00-27:00: jump rope
27:00-29:00: speedbag
29:00-31:00: bob and weave, block and weave
31:00-35:00: combine jabs, punches, kicks, and blocks.
35:00-37:00: march or walk it out
37:00-39:00: lie down, do straight or bent leg raises to fatigue.
39:00-45:00: pull knees in to chest. Hold and breathe for a few seconds. Extend legs and arms, pretend that someone is pulling fingers and toes to elongate the body. Turn over, go into cat-cow poses. Sit, stretch back, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, etc.

Feel great? Great. Kick butt all day.