Sunday, January 31, 2010

Madness in Cows

Another jaw dropping moment for me, as I read in the Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine today that cow are fed (don't eat while you read this) chicken LITTER as their meals in some places, and it is LEGAL. Yes, that means cows that we eat have been fed chicken POOP as their diet. There are many health complications related to ecoli and other bacteria found in poop that could lead to serious cow diseases that could enter our body, and yes, this is linked to the famed MAD COW disease. There is a wide movement to make this illegal (duh), so contact your senator about this problem to ensure that he or she will support common health standards here. McDonalds even agrees that this needs to stop, and you know that they cut corners wherever possible.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Things to Have around for 2010

Here are some of the basics to have in your kitchen for everyday use (starting today!):

1. olive oil (a dab will do ya in your dinner cooking)
2. smart balance light spread (instead of butter)
3. frozen vegetables (rainbow of colors, pop em in the mic for instant dinner veggies)
4. McCormick grinders (spices to grind over those yummy veggies to make them even yummier)
5. skinless chicken breast frozen
6. Uncle Ben's instant bagged rice in brown or wild (NOT other flavors; we're talking So Di Um!)
7. fresh whole grain bread from your local bakery
8. boar's head low sodium lunch meats
9. canned pumpkin (add to oats in the morning, muffin mixes, and even chili for a yum + a ton of vitamin A)
10. raw walnuts, almonds, or both
11. light yogurt (Yoplait is the tastiest)
12. fresh or frozen fruit (berries are great frozen this time of year, mic what you need)
13. Quaker one-minute oats. Quick, hearty, yummy breakfast. Make sure to top w pumpkin, nuts, truvia, cinnamon
14. Truvia or sweetener made from Stevia plant. Better choice for sweetener now available!
15. Kellogg's Fiber Plus bar. great flavors, lots of good stuff, low cal, fiber!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Other Carrie Harper

If you google "Carrie Harper," you may be surprised at what you will find. Most of the google posts are indeed about me and several news groups that I am a member of and that I write for. But, there is indeed a criminal with my name living in the same town as me (what are the odds?)! If you see a news article on criminal hearings, stealing money, and fake obituaries, please know that this is NOT me. I lead a pretty tame life of teaching and parenting, not stealing and lying.

New Year!

This is always the time of year that we try to find new ways to improve our health and fitness. Just remember not to shoot for the moon on the first day. Usually, that creates more problems than it solves. Instead, focus on short, attainable goals and reassess yourself once a month. Good, short, attainable goals could be:
1. I will exercise for 20 minutes a day 5 days a week.
2. I will eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.
3. I will carry water with me everywhere I go.
4. I will eat 90% healthy food and save that 10% for something really special.
5. I will pack my lunch 4 days a week.
6. I will focus on one muscle group each day of exercise.
7. I will ease into running by starting with walk-run intervals.
Starting with statements like "I will lose ten pounds this month" could be a losing and unfortunate battle, which does more emotional damage in the long run.
Feel free to tell me your new goals and let me know if I can help!

New Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Certification

Just wanted you to know that I am officially certified through ACE ( in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Fitness. A goal for 2010 is to start a Mommy Fit Club here in Lake Jackson for moms of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.