Monday, August 9, 2010

Protect Your Daughters

Today's news is not shocking, but warrants a review. I am referring to the new study showing that American girls are entering puberty earlier than ever, with a drastic increase in seven and eight year old girls. The experts claim the only proven problem is obesity. This is a problem, of course, but I would refer to the many girls growing breasts who are not overweight. My personal theory is that we are feeding girls products laced with growth hormones, and covering girls with products laced with parabens. I would encourage parents to check their products as follows:
1. milk: use milk that does not contain growth hormones, especially rBst.
2. meats and poultry: check that your provider does not use growth hormones (and while you are at it, check for arsenic in your chicken).
3. bath and lotion products: do not use any product on your child that includes a chemical ending in "paraben." Parabens imitate estrogen and do permeate the skin.

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