Monday, September 1, 2008

The Green Guide

Many of you know about my feelings about parabens in products. We are trying very hard to be a paraben-free house, especially for the health of my child. I just found out today that there are more products to look for beyond those ending in the word "paraben." Check out national geographic's new site, for information on chemicals found in sunscreens that can cause forms of cancer.
I still just can't believe the FDA won't regulate this stuff. We have to be on our guard when buying sunscreens and beauty products.
I do believe in sunscreen, used DAILY, to avoid skin cancer. But let's avoid all cancers in the mean time by avoiding dangerous chemicals that can permeate the skin.
While you are at it, go through your shampoos, lotions, and soaps, and look for these "paraben" words. Even diaper creams have parabens...THAT is scary. Get rid of your paraben items (yes, you have to toss them and then replace them with safer materials), write to your production companies for your paraben products (even Dove carries parabens; what an oxymoron), and then support those who care about the safety of your family, like Aveeno. No, I am not sponsored by Aveeno. I just believe in supporting companies that support our safety.

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