Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving and Other Holiday Survival Tips

The average American consumes over 600 extra calories PER DAY in the holiday season, which can mean 6 pounds of fat, plus extra water-weight gain for the new year. That can be a tough uphill battle, so let's stop it before it starts.
For the big meal days, make sure you don't save up for the big event. In other words, eat light meals and snacks at your regular times. At meal time, just watch the portion size. And after the meal, enjoy one dessert. The alternative is overindulgence. All things in moderation makes for an easier holiday.
The other thing that packs on the calories is alcohol. One "serving" of alcohol is 100 calories. A margarita or long island iced tea can be 6 servings, plus the mixer. The body has to work pretty hard to get rid of the alcohol in the system, and in the mean time, the fat you had with the alcohol is NOT getting burned off.
Instead, opt for one glass of wine or light beer, and then try a spritzer of carbonated selzer water and cranberry juice. If you do decide to have a few drinks. Go double fisted, but with water in the other hand.

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benilhalk said...

Excellent post!! Thanks for sharing this info. I too like to eat a lot in holidays and especially in parties. Few days ago attended my friend’s holiday party at one of LA event venues and she had arranged yummy food there and I had consumed lots of calories along with them.