Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Health Care Reform

I may be unpopular on my view here, but something has to be said. We MUST reform current health care. There are too many people without insurance and too many inner problems with all aspects of health care. It just can't be ignored any more.
I am tired of people who call themselves conservatives or right winged, trying to strong arm everyone by yelling and screaming things that don't even make any sense at meetings. It's a great way to get on TV, but it's just illogical and ludicrous. I am tired of people claiming that their religion dictates how they feel about issues, when really, they are just being selfish. What is Christian about being selfish? Don't tell Jesus they are using his name this way. I call these people the UnChristian Christians.
In reality, the whole idea is to "break" President Obama by blocking anything he is passionate about. Now, what is that going to do for our country? We are SO behind the rest of the civilized world in health care and education. We need reform and we need it now.
Instead of yelling and screaming, can we try listening and reading? Can we try coming up with a plan that will not break the bank, but will make sense for all of us? We are paying an unbelievable amount of money now for people who can't get insurance. We are paying every time someone cannot pay their bill, and it happens a lot. Doesn't it make more sense to pay less so that everyone can afford insurance? Can someone look at the bottom line here? And why is it that we have to depend on our employer to supply us with health insurance? Many employers can't do that, especially small businesses. Why don't we have a choice? Why isn't there a competitive market in our so-called capitalist environment?
There is a plan set up by Consumer's Union that makes sense and has been well thought out. If people could read and advocate for themselves and their neighbors, maybe we could get something done. Today.

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