Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week 9: Thing 20

So I use for my own family videos, and I love sending videos to family far away. . I also search for music videos and interesting musicians on youtube. It is the era of indie music and plenty of exposure for lots of young musicians (and old). There is one guy who does the most incredible mouth percussion ever. His video is in the kitchen, where he "mixes" together sounds and does it all through his mouth. Pretty incredible. There is also a movie coming out on Bobby Bowden, so some of those clips have been on youtube. And I just found out this morning that my fitness certification company, ACE, also has a youtube channel, so I will check that out when I get home.
I like teachertube, though there is not much music just yet.
I found yahoo videos, which has some pretty funny ones, but not anything as good as you tube.
I also found out about yahoo teachers, thanks to this search, which is not quite up and running yet, but it looks like it will be a peertrainer but for teachers. That will be good. I look forward to that.

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