Monday, August 4, 2008

Next Step: Scheduling

So after you know where you want to go and when, let's talk day-to-day schedule. Most people live on a general schedule: when you wake, work, etc. Well, most people find that living on a daily schedule helps coordinate all things in life. For instance, what is the grocery shopping day? When do you do your regular hair appointments or other appointments? Do you have a scheduling software program or do you do a pen-to-paper style? Either is fine (check out for a free scheduling software). Pencil in your regular work, wake, play, etc. Schedule. Then, pencil in when you normally eat. And try to stick to it. Then, pencil in your workouts. Include what you plan to do, where, and how long. Get someone to make you accountable to this new schedule (a workout buddy, spouse, or peertrainer buddy), and start living on this schedule. Welcome to the end of the "I don't have time" lame excuse. No More!
Some people have to use several schedules, especially shift workers. That will take more planning, but it's worth it, and technology can definitely help.

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Phillips 2.0 Pad said...

Way to go! You have your fitness blog up and running. I am enjoying your articles and suggestions.