Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Closer!

On a personal note, I am getting closer to the big day of arrival of baby #2. With less than 4 weeks to go, a lot has changed. I've had a few problems with overheating and getting breathless suddenly. These things have never happened to me before, but this pregnancy is different. Apparantly, my body is having a hard time getting the blood through my abdomen and then all the way through my 5'8" body at times, causing lightheadedness. I carry completely in front of my body (which everyone thinks is so cute, but it looks a little freakish, to be honest), so I have awkward moments, and a few problems with side and back pain. But the biggest surprise is that my lungs and heart are having to work so hard, though my weight gain is just in that one area.
I look forward to meeting baby #2, I hope that she eventually will be named :) . And I am ready to move on as well. My next stage will be not only caring for an infant, but recovering from a caesarian and diastasis repair. I am ready to get on with that, though, because I know the good times are ahead.

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