Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reality of the Caesarian

I have been very vocal on the subject of being honest about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I was published on the subject in the 2005 summer issue of "Mom and Baby." My first Caesarian was rough; especially because I tried to have her vaginally, and failed after 27 hours. You can imagine that recovery was rough.
I asked my husband if this one was worse or better than the other. He seems to think they were about the same. I honestly don't remember the amount of pain I had the first time. I do remember vividly that I was exhausted and starving. I couldn't move on my own, but I had a crying baby to take care of. I don't think I slept for the first week, and after that, sleep was still extremely rare. I remember my dinner sitting out for hours and never getting to eat. I remember not being able to get a drink of water all day long.
In those respects, at least, this postpartum is exponentially easier. The recovery from the second Caesarian, however, was not easier. I thought since it was planned and I wouldn't go through the 27 hours of labor that my muscles would miraculously heal easier. I was wrong.
This time, the baby was facing down and ready to be born the day before. We thought everything was going to go so smoothly. Well, she turned breech right before the delivery. AND, she was awake. She played get-away with the doctors, and as a result, my inner organs were shoved, pushed, popped, and pulled to get to her. Even with a spinal, it was painful. And VERY uncomfortable.
Now, 3 weeks later, I am up and around. I can hardly tell that I was unable to move 3 weeks ago. I am recovering from surgery and also from diastasis. I am splinting 24 hours a day to try to help the diastasis along. My doctor has placed 4 stitches along my rectus abdominus to help, hopefully...

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