Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Didn't Mean to Say "I Told You So, BUT...."

Dr. Oz reports on his radio show this week that multiple sets are NOT necessary and may do NO more good than single set workouts! HOWEVER, this means that single set needs to fatigue the muscle. You're going to have to work a little harder, lift a little heavier, but hey, you only have to do it once and MOVE on. In fact, in strength training, shorter workouts are better because there is less risk of injury. Another way to shorten your workout time? I've been saying it for years, but now I hear it everywhere: stretching before your workout is a WASTE of time! In fact, loosening it up before working it out is counterintuitive to what you are trying to accomplish, so save the stretch. Do it when the muscle needs it, which is when it is fatigued and feels shortened.
On the diet front, what is my main rule? DO NOT starve yourself! Obesity, which is a medical journal, reports that women who fast or use diet pills will gain on average 8 pounds during that dieting time period! How is THAT working out for you?
What's the rule? Eat real food, be in control of what you eat, and move it!

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