Thursday, July 1, 2010

Surgery: Check!

I had my diastasis recti and hernia repair done recently. I will be giving updates as my condition improves. Let me just say that this surgery is for people who struggle beyond physical therapy and work with a postnatal fitness specialist. The surgery is serious and invasive, and the recovery is really tough. More later!


Tanya said...

Carrie- do u still read comments? I'm 36 with 2 kids, used to be super fit like size 2-4-6 and then had 2 very difficult pregnancies and births, spent hrs at every surgeon and back doc for my pain, lost all baby weight but I looked 7 Mos. Preggers-- distention from top of ribcage down, had major Diastsis recti but almost nobody understood what it was, was going to post-natal PT for year (the boys are just 2&4 now!) she resolved my condition un-fixable by PT or exercise and said from day one normal crunches were the worst thing for this- it just kept getting more distended, I had horrible back problems at the same time, trying to carry 32 lb 1.5 year old everywhere (former corporate career was crazy hours, media, lobbying jobs, and u know, it was really like so much easier comparatively!?!)!
Anyhow- I WAS ON THE TABLE LAST WEEK, GOT THE SURGERY AFTER YEAR LONG QUEST.....THEY FOUND 6 inch WIDE tear THAT THEN WHEN DOWN VERTICALLY FOREVER!!!!!!! I'm so scared. Day 6 of recovery and I have 2 toddlers and already feel guilty when not with them and feel like hubbby is like okay we fixed it, I took care of kids cause u are sick, when are u signing up for a marathon!?!? OMG am dying still - the internal stitches hurt THE WORST, can't explain to anyone. I have drains still in but he's not offered to help me personally with things cause he's too busy, poor dude, with kids everywhere, and medicines not working at all. ANY ADVICE FOR RECOVERY FROM DIATASIS RECTI REPAIR SURGERY OR AS THEY CALL ABDOMINOPLASMY!?!? I'd love any immediate help u can give! My mom coming to assist tonight but very hard to find real people who really went through thins acute muscle tearing!! Many thanks for any advice, I feel lost, Tanya - u can email me at
Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!

Carriefit said...

I do still read comments, Tanya. I must say that 6 days is completely unrealistic in the most minor of surgeries, and that you are going to need help with your toddlers for a long while. I let my husband do the lifting and caring for 6 weeks, but did not start to feel like myself for 16 weeks. A year out and I still have difficulties with certain movements, and I'm a fitness pro! So, enlist whatever help you need to. Beg and plead or pay someone if you need to, because you do NOT need to reinjure yourself. It's hard enough as it is.