Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Time is NEAR!

Spring time is calling! If you live in the southern states today, the breeze is blowing and the sun is out. It is calling you to get out there and appreciate Mother Nature. Is your body ready? Tank tops? Shorts? Swimsuits? Get active and get in there to make a big change for your body TODAY. Want killer arms? Time to take up boxing. Nothing will tone your arms faster and make them prettier. No bag? That's ok; just jab the air with a quick retreat and you'll be burning soon! Want killer legs? Time to start running! And what perfect timing it is to run the neighborhood! Check out some apps that make learning to run easier, and get that playlist ready. Now, RUN! What about a flat middle? Well, besides the cardio, it's time to take up Pilates! For best results, see a professional in this matter. If you already know about your Pilates form and you have been trained in feeling the posture and position that make Pilates what it is, then go ahead and explore all the DVD and Netflix options for Pilates. Are you going to do it? OK! TODAY!
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