Monday, March 14, 2011

Work. Hard. Rest.

So there is a lot of information coming down the pike that has to do with Rest Based Exercise. It makes sense. See, we were designed to work for our livelihood. We were building houses, hunting food, and using elbow grease to clean up only a hundred years ago. Our bodies are still created this way and are designed to work hard and then rest up. It would make sense in the day to hammer until your arm gets tired, take a breather, and then start up again.
In rest based exercise, you perform hard, real-body exercises. Tough intervals of jumping, lifting, sprinting, etc. Things that would push you over the anaerobic (breathless state). You work until you can't, and then take a break until you can again. Think of how kids play. They run fast and then stop when they are tired. Your body was designed this way, and was designed to do amazing things this way.
Here is how it works in the exercise world. Use 20-40 minutes ONLY with a set of very difficult exercises. Perform each one to the best of your ability, going hard. Take a break when you need to for as long as you need to, and jump in there again. At the end of the allotted time, cool down and stretch. The time limit is because of the body's response to an overload of stress over a long period of time. If you try to do this kind of workout for longer than 40 minutes, the body will not respond as well and will begin release cortisol unopposed, which causes stress and inflammation.
Would you like to try this kind of workout? Curious if it will work for you? Want to be part of a loose study? Contact me if you are interested.

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