Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finding My Center

I was going to post today on healthy and unhealthy fats. I hope to get to that later today or tomorrow. For right now, I am too angry to focus on anything but the absolute insanity of our Texas state legislators. How DARE they mess with kids and old people? How DARE we put up with it? While they give tax breaks to the wealthiest Texans and big oil, they are choosing to try to destroy public education, and send grandma out into the street.
I encourage everyone to know how their legislator voted. . Not only that, but we need to remember that at the next election time. Turn off the TV when the attack ads come on and remember the truth: that our legislators do not care about the future because they will be dead and gone. As long as the rich get richer, they could care less about your kids. And your grandma.
These people are obviously blinded by greed. They don't have to answer to their constituents, because they don't care how their constituents feel. I think the public has made it abundantly clear that this is not ok with us. But they have this attitude of being greater than us, and they have the overconfidence that they will be reelected, especially if there is an R after their names. Say NO. Voice your anger. Voice with your vote. Be diligent. Stick up for your kids and your grandma, because they won't.

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