Sunday, November 27, 2011

T2C Day 1

For those of you following my workout plan from Thanksgiving to Christmas, here is the first day, which I will complete on Monday, November 28. Constant Cardio 0-5:00: choose your cardio activity. It could be walking, running, biking, swimming, dancing, etc. Anything that is constant and challenges the heart. Got it? OK, start those first 5 minutes on a steady, easy pace. On a perceived exertion scale of 0-10, you are starting about a 4. Your heart rate starts to increase, but you can easily have a conversation. You begin to feel muscles heat up. 5:00-35:00: this is the "constant" part. This is your challenging pace without becoming breathless. After all, you will maintain this rate for 30 minutes. You are exerted at about a 7 and can answer questions if asked, though you might not be able to complete your sentences within one breath. Patterning your breathing will help you get through this portion. Good, steady music helps too (I use for running). 35:00-40:00: you are bringing your rate steadily downward without stopping dead in your tracks. Slow your pace to the warm-up pace and then in the last 2 minutes, slow to a pace of a 2 in exertion. 40:00-45:00: now you can stop and stretch. Don't forget all of the muscles you used today the the muscles you always use. Never neglect your spine. Ahhhhh!

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