Friday, January 6, 2012

In With the NEW: Post 3

There are really two things I want to talk about today. I've mentioned waking up in a positive place. Make sure you are also going to bed in a positive place. A quiet place free of screen time is best. I should also mention that if you are a caffeine drinker, make sure your caffeine cut off time is a few hours before bed. My personal cut off is 4:00. Caffeine past 4 means I'll be up all night. Set a bed time that will give you 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep before the morning of peace begins.

Secondly, I want to remind you that you are a being of energy. You emit energy all day long. You know, like how you and your friend say the same thing at the same time, or like how you can feel through someone's energy how they feel about you. Or even how you can tell without looking that someone is watching you. People are energy fields that constantly emit energy, positive or negative. Think about the power of prayer. What are you really doing when you pray for someone? You are sending out your energy into the universe toward the divine (God) to pass along energy of a positive nature. It's no mistake. People radiate heat and light, like celestial beings.

I first discovered this and really started to think about our role as energy fields when I was watching a Discovery show on stars and galaxies. The scientist was explaining that we are "ashes to ashes, dust to dust," but that our very ashes came from stars. We are made of stars. We are the stuff of power and energy. And if you think about the life of a star, from a heat and light producing beautiful celestial being, to a small ray of a smaller light, to a consumer of the energy of others, our lives could be the same way. But the Lord gave us the ability to not become a black hole.

A black hole sucks the energy and life out of the stars around it. Do you know a black hole? Are you a black hole at times? You have the capacity as a human being to change that. You do not have to be a black hole. If you remind yourself to emit a positive light daily, or to reflect the positive light of the Lord, then you can be bright. Your rays of light will positively impact others. And it won't take away your energy to share your rays with others. Conversely, if you choose to become a black hole, you will take the energy out of others. And, for that matter, when you surround yourself with black holes, your light will be sucked out.

Everyone knows a black hole. The person that walks in to the room and spreads negative feelings all around. The black hole does not get brighter from taking the energy from others, but feeds itself into deeper blackness. You do not have to surround yourself with black holes. You have the right to excuse yourself when a black hole enters the room. You can take control of your environment and keep the black holes at bay. Toxic friendships that bring you down or make you think less of yourself are NOT friendships. A friendship made of positivity and light will only make your light feel stronger. Sometimes, you cannot escape the black hole that lives in your home or works right next to you, but you can distance yourself, excuse yourself from their presence, and focus on more productive use of your time.

Why am I telling you this? Because when you find your light and when you feel the positive energy of self love and good friendships, many other good health habits will fall in to place, because you will care enough about yourself and others to treat yourself with respect. Today is a good day to evaluate whether you are a star or a black hole, and also to evaluate which category your surrounding people fall into. Some of the time, you may need to reevaluate what your true friends are and whether certain relationships need to change.

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