Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In with the NEW Post 4: New Goal Setting Approach

How is your goal setting? Are you realistic? Are you specific? What about your time table? Too many of us throw a goal out there, like "I want to be thin" or "I want to be strong." These are wishes, not goals. Let's not confuse the two.

A wish might be a fun thought. It might be something that you feel is attainable for a moment, but then vanishes. It might be arbitrary.

A goal is definite. You can close your eyes and see it. It is close enough in your mind to almost touch it. What is your REAL goal and how do you plan to see it through?

For many people, something in writing or otherwise visual may help with the concrete nature of your goal. Do you plan to be able to run a certain distance by a certain date? Write that date down. Review that date. Make a timeline to lead up to that date. Do you plan to start a new eating plan? Get pictures (www.pinterest.com makes it so fun) of your new meals and snacks. Post them for yourself. Learn to make them. Have a week's worth of recipes by a certain date.

Can you see this as a reality now, not a wish? Be real with yourself. Make yourself accountable. And, if necessary, enlist help! Friends, trainers, professionals, etc, can really help hear you out and make you talk out your plans.

What happens if you get to the date and the goal didn't happen? You need to continue to another date without judgement. When we spend too much time judging ourselves for not accomplishing what we had planned, we negate the entire process and sometimes take steps backward. Take a breath. Forgive yourself. Start again with the new lesson of a realistic timeline or a more realistic, attainable goal. And go for it.

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