Sunday, January 22, 2012

In with the NEW: Post Three

Are you ready to be a 10 minute super hero?

Time and again, I hear "I don't have time!" "When do I fit it in?" "How can I work out when I have so many responsibilities?"

Gone are the days when we should expect to have an extra hour for exercise. For working parents, it usually does not exist. But 10 minutes does exist in today's world. How long did you look at pinterest today? Play Farmland? If you have 10 minutes, you can work it! But you have to be efficient.

Example 1: walking lunges, moving squats, push ups. 10 minutes, and you'll feel it. And your heart rate will be up.

Example 2: 10 minutes of punches and kicks (especially on a bag), and your body is worked!

Example 3: a quick 10 minute run may only get you a mile plus a little down the road, but if you are limited on time, then you are more likely to push that mile out and improve your pace.

Example 4: 10 minutes of salutations leads to a worked body and a relaxed mind.

Try it!

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