Sunday, January 4, 2009

It makes me SICK...

If it is not bad enough that we have to worry about pesticides on our vegetables and deadly bacteria growing in our meats, but now we have to worry about ARSENIC in chicken. ARESENIC? Did I read that right? Isn't that the famous poison they use in the movies to kill people? Yes. Chicken farmers feed it to their chickens. And it's LEGAL. You injest it when you eat chicken...
UNLESS you are looking at organic and farm-raised chicken. Hmmm....let's rethink what we thought before about that. My pregnant body has injested ARSENIC, therefore, my tiny lemon-sized person inside has ARSENIC in its body. How incredibly INSANE that is. And my 4-year-old? ARSENIC is in her blood!
What's the moral of the story? Let's do our research and buy products with social consciousness. Organic and farm-raised might take more money, but ARSENIC? No, I will spend the money to save my body and my family from poison! And, I will use other forms of protein more often. Besides, I am terrified of the amount of mercury in local fish, and I am uncertain about all forms of animal proteins that are not farm raised. Organic beans, tofu, and rBST-free cheeses are less expensive in the long run, so those may be my new choices.
USDA and FDA need to get on the BALL. Our lives should not matter less than keeping these unhealthy businesses growing. I am SICK of government caring more about them than us.
Keep reading and keep sharing. Otherwise, we won't be told.

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Abbie said...

OMG, I had no idea!!! I have been buying organic foods (when it's an option) for a few years, but had not bought organic chicken. Mainly because of the added cost, but I will definitely buy organic all the time now.