Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a Week

and if you are not inspired yet, I would encourage you to open your eyes and see what we are living. There is finally someone who is taking the country's interest at heart. I do believe that where we are now starts the collaboration between two seemingly different ideologies to come up with a plan to help us start a new tomorrow. WITHOUT all the special interests....maybe.
I know this is a deviation from my usual rants on health, but my mental and emotional health has improved this week with the hope that things are going to change. That we don't have to destroy other lands to spread love and democracy. That we don't have to have a trickle down effect so that the CEO's get all the benefits while the rest of us wait at the bottom of the food chain. That we can open our minds to the possibilities that we don't have to do the same old thing with the same old results. We are being fleeced everyday by programs that don't work. We are being cheated by government offices that allow our families to injest poison legally. We are told that living in a clean world just won't work for us. Well, this week says that maybe we can. Maybe we can stand up to all of the big businesses that think they can spend our money irresponsibly. Maybe we can have a say about our own health care, our own bodies, and our own lives (isn't that in the constitution?). Maybe we don't have to see a gloomy future of nothing but war, cancer, and poverty.
This week, on the health front, was the first week that there was a legal stem cell trial done for a spinal ailment. Thank goodness it happened, and lives can be saved. It happened without a lot of hoopla or craziness. It's just the right thing to do to save lives.
Let's end the anger and animosity and just do it. Just live for tomorrow. For our kids.

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