Monday, January 19, 2009

Les Mills Review

I spent the weekend with my pregnant butt on a bicycle seat, in the interest of finding out all about this Les Mills RPM program I have heard all about. It is to be discovered how patrons will feel about specifically choreographed biking, but it has its positives.
-there is emphasis on body form and care for the back
-music is predetermined to ensure a varied terrain (though the terrain will always be the same type in ratio of flat to hill)
-all classes will be the same so that patrons can memorize what to do and focus on doing it well.
-speed drills are to mimic outdoor cycling

I guess that is a positive and a negative. After all, I feel the brain must be working in order for the body to get full benefit of the exercise, and we don't want people to tune out and go on auto pilot. The instructor must be good at keeping people engaged in order to avoid this.

The cycling programs I usually teach are harder on the muscles than this program. This program is more about speed and VERY short intervals of work. It will be discovered as to whether we see benefit on the body from that ideal.

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