Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beginner's Plyometric Workout

In plyometrics, you challenge muscles in explosive movement.
Note: only for moderately fit people with no back or joint issues :) And no pregos. If you do have a health ailment, make sure your doctor ok's any kind of explosive movement.

The easiest way to plyo the arms are through the arm movements outlined in my cardio kickboxing workout. An advanced exerciser can extend push ups to leap the hands from the ground and return.

Plyo legs are through jumping exercises.
1. Jumping squats
2. Jumping split-squats
3. Jumping plies

Do 4-8 reps of each exercise with a walking recovery in between sets. One way to work in plyos is to do three squats without jumps and then add a jump, and repeat the sequence 4-8 times. You can do the same with the other exercises.

Enjoy this new challenge!

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