Thursday, December 1, 2011

Soon To Come: My You Tube Exercise Channel

I am so sorry, my dear readers. It is so difficult to find a video that I would recommend for a good full workout. I am personally now making it my goal to do a channel in the new year that you can refer to any day at any time and find a comprehensive workout.

That being said, next is Day 5! Toning with kickboxing.

0-2:00: jump rope or pretend to jump rope

2:00-4:00: shuffle side to side with a pretend (or real) speed bag. Pretend you are holding ice picks and picking off the ice by your forehead.

4:00-5:00: Bob and weave. Protect your face with your fists. Squat down and raise up to the side, like you are ducking a punch. Alternate sides.

5:00-10:00: standing abdominals. Brace the abdominals, pull down with your hands as you pull up your knee. If it helps, hold a ball in your hand and bring it to your knee. Alternate sides to the front 15-20 times. Then, Bring your knee up to the side while your knee comes down to meet it. Do 15 per side. Finish the time with high knee jogs.

10:00-15:00: arm challenges
A. Jab (quick punch) with a shuffle, 50 per side
B. Punch (deep punch with force), alternating 50 times
C. Hook. Pretend to punch someone in the jaw at a close range to you. Your arm creates a hook shape. Alternate 50 times.
D. Upper cut. Get into a squat. Pretend to punch someone in the jaw, bring the fist up from your rib cage. Raise up slightly and return to the squat. Alternate. 50-100.
Remaining time, practice a combination of the above punches.

15:00-20:00: leg challenges
A. Front kick. Brace abdominals. Lean back slightly as you pretend to push a door open with your foot. Alternate. 25.
B. Side kick. Turn the left foot to face 45 degrees out from the body. Lift the right knee. As you lean left, push open an invisible door that is slightly behind you to the right with your foot. Bring the knee back in and return the foot to the floor. Repeat 15-20 times and switch legs.
C. Back kick. Lift the knee up and then push the foot to open an invisible door behind you while leaning forward. Bring the knee back in and down, switch sides. Alternate 15-20 times.
With the time left, use a combination or practice above leg moves.

20:00-25:00. Blocks.
A. Bob and block. Go back to the bob and weave. As you raise out of the squat, block with an outward sweep of the arm, bent at 90 degrees.
B. Low rear block. With a flat hand, extend your arm behind you, as if slicing a person in the lower abdomen, and quickly retract the arm to the block position. Alternate 15-20.
C. Mid rear block. Use your elblow to quickly push back in the rib cage area. Quickly return. Alternate 15-20.
D. Upper rear block. Put your right fist in your left hand. Push your right elbow behind you, as if blocking a punch to the head. Return quickly. Alternate 15-20.
With the time left, combine the above blocks.

25:00-27:00: jump rope
27:00-29:00: speedbag
29:00-31:00: bob and weave, block and weave
31:00-35:00: combine jabs, punches, kicks, and blocks.
35:00-37:00: march or walk it out
37:00-39:00: lie down, do straight or bent leg raises to fatigue.
39:00-45:00: pull knees in to chest. Hold and breathe for a few seconds. Extend legs and arms, pretend that someone is pulling fingers and toes to elongate the body. Turn over, go into cat-cow poses. Sit, stretch back, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, etc.

Feel great? Great. Kick butt all day.

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